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Re: Releasability of the kFreeBSD ports

Emacs 22 works fine though.

I had the same problem for a long time.  Now with Emacs 23.2.1 this
stupid hack helped me:

--- src/xterm.c~        2010-04-28 07:01:29.000000000 +0200
+++ src/xterm.c 2010-04-28 07:35:52.000000000 +0200
@@ -9310,7 +9310,7 @@ x_make_frame_visible (f)
          to be read.  We used to raise a real alarm, but it seems
          that the handler isn't always enabled here.  This is
          probably a bug.  */
-       if (input_polling_used ())
+       if (input_polling_used () || 1)
           /* It could be confusing if a real alarm arrives while
              processing the fake one.  Turn it off and let the

Probably not how it should be but I am finally able to run Emacs 23 with
Gnus on my laptop without running into mule/UTF-8 problems in
~/.newsrc.eld.  And org-mode is also more recent.

There is already another patch in #559392/#591762,
based on emacs22 settings. Given emacs23 have been NMUed for ia64,
could some DD step-in and fix it also for kfreebsd-* ?
Any volunteer ?


    --- a/src/s/gnu-kfreebsd.h
    +++ b/src/s/gnu-kfreebsd.h
    @@ -7,2 +7,7 @@

    +#define BROKEN_SIGIO
    +#define BROKEN_SIGURG
    +#define BROKEN_SIGPOLL
     #define NO_TERMIO               /* use only <termios.h> */

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