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Re: Releasability of the kFreeBSD ports

Hi Aurelien,

reply just to debian-bsd, as it's more about how to fix the mentioned

Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 04, 2010 at 07:52:52PM +0200, Axel Beckert wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > * ALSA: Many ALSA dependent packages not working/building/available.
> >   (There is a limited emulation layer called SALSA, but either many
> >   packages don't work with it or nobody tried to get them working with
> >   it. Not sure how many unfixed bugs because of this are still open.)
> > 
> A lot of the packages have OSS support (with BTW is a lot better on
> FreeBSD than it uses to be on Linux). We definitely shoudl try to avoid
> this emulation layer when possible, as it is limited and often introduce
> bugs.

Ok, so the main focus here is to get the packages which are compiled
with ALSA to compile without ALSA or with OSS instead on kbsd (and
hurd probably, too).

> > Some smaller issues I noticed only happening on kfreebsd, but haven't
> > tracked them down (probably no bug report yet either, partially also
> > affects servers):
> > 
> > * Emacs 23 via remote X doesn't work. No idea why yet.
> > 
> > * aptitude segfaults approximately every second or third call. (That's
> >   much better than months ago where I was used to start aptitude with
> >   "until aptitude; do sleep 0.1; done")
> The problem with this kind of issues is that we are now aware of it.

So we'd better not aware of it? Or did I just misunderstand that
sentence? I think the problem is that there's not yet a proper bug
report (besides the bugs itself being a problem, too :-).

> [...] aptitude works perfectly on my machine since the crash issue
> has been fixed.

Do you use it just on the commandline (e.g. "aptitude safe-upgrade" or
in interactive (text-mode/[n]curses interface) mode (e.g. "aptitude

I only get these segfaults during interactive mode (which is 90% of my
aptitude usage on machines running sid), mostly during either package
list or package download.
		Regards, Axel
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