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Re: Releasability of the kFreeBSD ports

I intend to deploy Debian GNU/kFreeBSD as a backup / NAS server. I
think as a desktop it's still inmature but as a server it's very
usable and has wonderful capabilities in storage
area thanks to ZFS (for example http://www.ypass.net/solaris/zfsbackup/).

I also think it can be a good firewall with PF. It would be very
useful to me if there was a stable release with security support.
Running an unreleased system in production is a bit
impractical :-(

On 8/3/10, Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org> wrote:
> Dear kFreeBSD porters, dear kFreeBSD users,
> the Release Team is currently wondering if it makes sense to release with
> kFreeBSD as a regular stable architecture with squeeze.  It might be that
> it is not yet up to the standards of a regular Debian release as it might
> not contain everything that's expected by users.
> So, what do you think is still missing?  What would we need to communicate
> as a disclaimer to the users if releasing kFreeBSD in this state?
> If it's not entirely up to our standards, would a separate suite, like it
> has been done in the past for sarge-amd64 and etch-m68k, help having some
> sort of release that can be updated independently from the main stable
> release?  Such a suite could also be useful to land larger changes than
> normally allowed for stable.
> Or do you think we should skip this release?  (But keep it in testing, of
> course.)
> Kind regards,
> Philipp Kern

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