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Seeking machines for nightly builds of ITK


The insighttoolkit package is a large and active code base.  They use
a system of nightly build/test on a variety of machines [1] to ensure
that the code works on all supported platforms.  

I run a build on my amd64 machine -- configured as the Debian ITK
packages -- to expose issues early.  I'd like to add some more Debian
machines to cover all the architectures.

This issue has some urgency now since ITK is presently embarking on an
overhaul of the code that includes removing "obsolete" code, including
support for old compilers & systems, such as SGI.  I'd like to ensure
they don't break compilation for some of the lesser-used machines such
as mips, arm, etc.  Ideally, I'd like one machine that runs "sid" of
each architecture.  I already run the amd64 build.

Can I use the official Debian developer machines for this task?

If you have a non-amd64 machine with spare cycles each night that you
can either set up a build [2] or let me log in to do it, please reply.


[1] http://public.kitware.com/dashboard.php?name=itk
[2] http://www.itk.org/Wiki/ITK/Git#Dashboard

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