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Bug#559364: [RFC]: Bug#559364: regression: console text is red

I dig into. The "tput op" does not do what is expected.

The our 8.x kernel series have added following options:

# UTF-8 console support
options         VESA
options         SC_PIXEL_MODE   # add support for the raster text mode
options         TEKEN_UTF8      # UTF-8 output handling
options         TEKEN_XTERM     # xterm-style terminal emulation

But the TERM settings is not xterm, but still cons25.
It suffices to change cons25 into xterm in src/init.c
and debian/share/inittab.kfreebsd-gnu in source package sysvinit.

Thanks for investigating.

It's probably the way to go. xterm also brings partial support for
UTF-8, and we are likely to deprecate (remove ?) 7.x kernel for squeeze.

I did some minimal checking, by changing TERM to xterm on the console
and it seems at least arrow keys stop working correctly on ncurses

I confirm the issue here, so it seems we have to revert the options in
the kernel. That's a pitty because the goal was to use the UTF-8
terminal to be able to have non-english language in debian-installer.

I looked into HEAD, it have changes:

SVN rev 197115 on 2009-09-12 10:34:34Z by ed
- Make 8-bit support run-time configurable.

SVN rev 197117 on 2009-09-12 12:44:21Z by ed
- Make xterm/cons25 support runtime configurable.

SVN rev 197481 on 2009-09-25 13:51:01Z by ed
- Add a new escape sequence to switch between cons25 and xterm.
- Just run this to switch to xterm:
	printf '\e[=T'
- If you get bored and want to switch back to cons25, run this:
	printf '\e[=1T'

So 1st step would be revert kernel config to 8-STABLE default.
We still could later do backport of teken/syscons changes from HEAD and teach installer how to switch into XTERM, given there will be man-power for this.


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