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Bug#559364: [RFC]: Bug#559364: regression: console text is red

Given squeeze is frozen, we should now go the conservative way, that is
reverting back to cons25. We will try to have another way to get
debian-installer display UTF-8 (maybe defaulting to the graphical
installer, not yet tested on GNU/kFreeBSD), and it is possible to do
that far later in the freeze process.

I have tried to do the fix myself by reverting only TEKEN_XTERM, but I
still get the problem. Given I am now travelling, I can't test that

Even reverting all on amd64 does not help.

# UTF-8 console support
#options                SC_PIXEL_MODE   # add support for the raster text mode
#options                TEKEN_UTF8      # UTF-8 output handling
#options                TEKEN_XTERM     # xterm-style terminal emulation

It looks like we should instead teach console,
how to handle "ESC [ x" correctly, in the same way
as "ESC [  3   9   ;   4   9   m" is handled.

orion-bsd:~# TERM=xterm tput op | od -ax
0000000 esc   [   3   9   ;   4   9   m
           5b1b    3933    343b    6d39
orion-bsd:~# TERM=cons25 tput op | od -ax
0000000 esc   [   x
           5b1b    0078

This way we can leave current TEKEN options as they are.


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