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Re: Some questions about the port

On Mon,  1 Mar 2010 18:53, tg@mirbsd.de said:

> with a bunch of GNU packages. The FSF likes to do Vendor lock-in,

That is somewhat unfair.  For one you can't speak of vendor lock-in in a
FS project, second and more important is that glibc is the core of GNU
(the OS) and third glibc is very much POSIX compliant.  POSIX is
actually the rule for all GNU hackers.

Agreed, too many hackers know only GNU/Linux and have no clue that there
are other POSIX OS in our world.  Worse, some seem even not to know what
POSIX is and use neglect to use a well defined POSIX API and favor
something Linux specific. 

Ask the Hurd hackers how much trouble they had way back when they ported
most of the Debian packages to GNU - and that was with glibc.



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