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Some questions about the port


While looking through Axel's slides (adopting them for the CeBIT talks), I came up with some questions he couldn't easily answer. So I ask them here; hopefully someone can give me easy enough answers so that I understand them ;)

About the topic "Why not a BSD libc?" he wrote: "Adapting the libc to the kernel is way less work than patching thousands of packages to work with another libc, too."

I wonder why that is so complicate. As far as I know FreeBSD offers many of our packages, too. So wouldn't it has been possible to take some of their patches? Or do you just thought, it would be easier for Debian to patch the libc, instead of getting several thousand packages patched by their respectice maintainers?

In "GNU/kFreeBSD compared with Linux has" he mentions jails. May I therefore assume, that they already work in Debian GNU/kFreeBSD?

He also mentiones "no non-DFSG-compliant binary-only drivers in the kernel". Is there something similar to the "load firmwares on request and ship them in a package in non-free" approach?

And last not least: What is moused (listed as "less important FreeBSD-specific tool"). Are there other less important FreeBSD-specific tools, I should know about / might be asked about?

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