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Re: Some questions about the port


Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> While looking through Axel's slides (adopting them for the CeBIT talks),  
> I came up with some questions he couldn't easily answer.  So I ask them  
> here; hopefully someone can give me easy enough answers so that I  
> understand them ;)

Some of them I asked already myself, but had some half-answers I
couldn't verify yet. So I'm happy to hear the answers, too, also
because I will hold this talk a few times again.

> About the topic "Why not a BSD libc?" he wrote:  "Adapting the libc to  
> the kernel is way less work than patching thousands of packages to work  
> with another libc, too."
> I wonder why that is so complicate.  As far as I know FreeBSD offers  
> many of our packages, too.  So wouldn't it has been possible to take  
> some of their patches?  Or do you just thought, it would be easier for  
> Debian to patch the libc, instead of getting several thousand packages  
> patched by their respectice maintainers?

I think, it's just the last thing. I'm just not sure if this counts as
much as it did years ago (2001/2002) when Debian GNU/FreeBSD failed
and one of the reasons was the BSD libc to my knowledge.

> And last not least:  What is moused (listed as "less important  
> FreeBSD-specific tool").

You didn't ask me that one, did you? :-)

It's the FreeBSD equivalent of gpm: Using the mouse on the text
console. (Except that it's not a red rectangular text-mode cursor but
a real arrow in some kind of graphic mode over the text-mode of the
		Regards, Axel
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