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Re: [D-I] Info needed for partman restructuring

On Saturday 06 February 2010, Frans Pop wrote:
> I'm working on some changes in Debian Installer affecting the display of
> descriptions for block devices. For that I need to know which devices
> can occur on kfreebsd.

Thanks to Kenyon for his reply, but I had hoped for somewhat more 
comprehensive comments.

For now I've made the assumptions as listed below. Note that any devices 
that are listed as "not included for BSD" are still supported. They will 
only lack a more readable description of the device; instead the raw 
device name will be displayed.

Enabling readable descriptions for certain devices later on will of course 
be possible.

> IIUC these are the most common block device names for kfreebsd:
> - /dev/ad*
> - /dev/da*

Those are of course included (only for BSD, not for Linux).

> But can any of the following also occur?
> - /dev/loop*
> - /dev/mapper/*
> - /dev/md*
> - /dev/*vd[a-z]* (virtual disks)

Included for all.

> - /dev/hd*
> - /dev/sd*
> - /dev/cciss/{host,disc}*

> - /dev/mmcblk* (MMC/SD cards)
> - dev/{ide,scsi}/host* (devfs style names)

Not included for BSD.


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