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Re: Debian GNU/kFreeBSD on Xen (with Linux Lenny as dom0)

On 12-10 18:14, Petr Salinger wrote:
>> I wanted to ask if anybody is going to look at kfreeBSD Xen [1]
>> support in Squeuzee? (like xen-tools cross-installer,
>> or easly available kernels for i386 and amd64 for Linux [as .deb]
>> so they can be easly booted, network setuped, and so on).
> I have no experience with XEN.
>> I would also appreciate any clues how to run kfreebsd directly
>> on Xen (based on mini.iso ?), not freebsd-current (additionally outdate).
> I tried to build XEN enabled kernel, take a look at
> http://io.debian.net/~salinger/
> I have no experience with XEN, so I cannot provide more help.
> Petr

this kernel correctly boots on Debian Lenny Xen!

I prepared minimal root filesystem using mini.iso and qemu,
and then I used kernel extracted from your deb.

Console and networking works.

It is pretty unstable unfortunetly.

Transcript of how i prepared everything and what kernel problem i have in the attachment:

I tested many applications they seems to work, but sometimes i get panics.
Mostly releated to filesystem or locking.

from bigger applications exim4, mc, ssh client and server, apache2 seems to work

For example php5 doesn't work:
 pid 775 (apache2), uid 33: exited on signal 11
php5 directly from console works ok.

What is interesting that after install kernel image inside of domU and using only ssh
to loging into domU (and not xen console), it works much more stable.

I'm currentl building a kernel inside the Xen!
For now there is no error when compiling.

For some initial notes and testing images see

Witold Baryluk
JID: witold.baryluk // jabster.pl

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