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[D-I] Info needed for partman restructuring

Please keep d-boot CCed on replies as I'm not subscribed to d-bsd.


I'm working on some changes in Debian Installer affecting the display of 
descriptions for block devices. For that I need to know which devices can 
occur on kfreebsd.

IIUC these are the most common block device names for kfreebsd:
- /dev/ad*
- /dev/da*

But can any of the following also occur?
- /dev/loop*
- /dev/hd*
- /dev/sd*
- /dev/cciss/{host,disc}*
- /dev/mapper/*
- /dev/md*
- /dev/mmcblk* (MMC/SD cards)
- /dev/*vd[a-z]* (virtual disks)
- dev/{ide,scsi}/host* (devfs style names)


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