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Re: First version of the slides for the FOSDEM Debian GNU/kFreeBSD talk are up

On Fri, 5 Feb 2010, Axel Beckert wrote:


Slide 7:
	I am not sure about the "Precompiled binary packages" item,
	FreeBSD has those too.

Yeah, but not for all ports AFAIK.

Indeed. When there are licensing restrictions that the user has to
accept a license, download the things himself or similar things
FreeBSD cannot provide packages. Those are only avail via the ports

Apart from that it's usually only the normal doesn't build or
dependency problem (as far as I know as a very non-ports person;).

Oh, of course this is speaking mostly of i386 and amd64 (and a bit of
sparc64).  But those are the architectures, that for the moment are
relevant here.


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