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Re: porting libburnia to kfreebsd

Thomas Schmitt writes:
> Hi,
> >  Since Debian now has Debian GNU/kFreeBSD for
> > i386 and amd64, it is also legit to test in os.h for:
> > __FreeBSD_kernel__
> >
> > https://buildd.debian.org/build.php
> As newest kfreebsd i find a quite outdated log
>  https://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?&pkg=libburn&ver=0.6.4-1&arch=kfreebsd
> -i386&stamp=1255884952&file=log with this error
>   libburn/os.h:35:22: error: os-dummy.h: No such file or directory

Today I uploaded libburn 0.7.4 (resp. cdrskin as included with it)

> That file should exist and be a generic OS
> adapter for X/Open compliant systems.
> Damn. It is missing in the tarball because it is
> missing in the EXTRA_DIST of Makefile.am.
> (I once tested this on Solaris. It must be
>  a regression. Grrr.)
> Ok, i will change that.
> What kind of libburn source is used for those
> build runs ? Can you make a build test with
> cdrskin-0.7.5.tar.gz ?

I can't find libburn 0.7.5 tarball, so I assume you mean

svn co http://svn.libburnia-project.org/libburn/trunk
> But before i can enable "__FreeBSD_kernel__" as
> alias of "__FreeBSD", i need a tester for that
> system.

I added debian-bsd people in CC, hopefully they can test that for us.

> It has to be made sure that FreeBSD component CAM
> is supported. It might be that this not part of
> Debian and that a different generic SCSI transport
> has to be used.

I also only though of CAM support and got the impression that is shouldn't be 
different than __FreeBSD__, as described at:


"Applications running on the system use generic Operating System services 
(read, write, ioctl) to access peripheral devices without needing to know the 
specific SCSI commands required to perform these actions."

Though, I might be missing something.

> Has libcdio been ported to that system and does
> its operating system "driver" offer generic MMC
> command transport ?
> (Maybe you can ask its maintainers. The driver
> is in directory lib/driver/FreeBSD. The function
> in question is  run_mmc_cmd_freebsd_cam().)
> That would indicate CAM is available. After
> libcdio has been augmented for allowing SCSI
> write commands, it may be used as libburn
> transport adapter. (Work in progress, libcdio
> 0.83git on Linux already works well.)

--enable-libcdio is still marked as experimental in configure.ac? But, yes it 
has been already ported to kfreebsd-amd64 and kfreebsd-i386, so our eventual 
kfreebsd testers could test that as well.

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