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Re: Parted

On Sun, Dec 06, 2009 at 02:03:57AM +0100, Robert Millan wrote:
> So... I set myself to test my GPT patch for Parted, and end up reviewing the
> whole Parted situation.  Here's a status update:
> GPT support fixed/tested, see #548436.  Still doesn't fix support for big
> disks, though (see #559647).

Thanks for working ont that?

> Aurelien's segfault fix [1] seemed quite obvious, so I submitted it to
> BTS, bug #559645 (btw, is severity appropiate?  I don't know if GNU/kFreeBSD
> bugs are considered RC these days...).

Does it really segfault on your machine? It shouldn't as it uses
snprintf. In my case, the displayed name was just broken.

If it doesn't segfault on your machine, I think it deserves a severity

> Only missing thing seems to be [2], for which I don't know the context
> (whether it is intended to be merged, etc).  Can this be submitted?  What
> is the rationale behind this change?

It is intended to be merged, but not finished yet. The probe part fails
in some cases when using an MSDOS partition table, and doesn't work on
GPT partition table.


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