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Re: debian-installer status

Luca Favatella scrisse:

Please note that I'm not directly involved in this, so these are mainly
second-hand information and could be outdated/changed in the meanwhile.
I think Petr'll correct what's no more true...

> Can you please tell me the status of debian-installer on Debian
> GNU/kFreeBSD?

I think the port hasn't really started yet, and I can see no code in
both our and d-i's own repo.

> I tried to follow this guide [build].
> It works on Debian GNU/Linux x86 32 bit.
> On Debian GNU/kFreeBSD x86 32 bit it doesn't seem to work.
> At the last step, typing "fakeroot make build_netboot" I get nothing;
> typing "fakeroot make all_build", I get "make[3]: `flavour_build' is
> up to date.".

Many udeb are missing, I think it won't finish anyway...
> Can you please suggest me how I can help porting the d-i on
> GNU/kFreeBSD? Is the list at [things needed] outdated?
> Can you please suggest me a simple task to complete (i.e. porting a
> simple dependency of d-i to GNU/kFreeBSD)?

That todo list was last edited almost three years ago, I think the
situation could be a bit different. IIRC debootstrap was recently
fixed, and 5.x kernels are no more taken into account wrt libparted.

When I last looked at it, I was a bit puzzled about bogl, framebuffer
and the support in kfreebsd. How would we like to proceed, and how gtk
+directfb actually stands there?
I'm also curious about syslinux support, or which other cdbootloader to

Ciao, Luca

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