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Re: [RFC] switch default kernel to 7.x based

On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 03:37:46PM +0200, Petr Salinger wrote:
>> I would like to switch primary kernel to 7.0 (or even to RELENG_7 branch).
>> It basically means update of freebsd-libs, freebsd-utils and namely  
>> kfreebsd-kernel-headers.
>> It should allow us to create "lenny snapshot" with kernel from FreeBSD 7.1.
>> Do you have any trouble with 7.0 kernel ?
>> Do you have any objections, comments ?

It looks like a good idea. I am also wondering if we should provide ZFS
support in our kernels. I have played a bit with it recently and its
clearly a killer feature. Currently it is disabled because we have
enabled ext2 support. Both have incompatible licenses (GPL v2 vs CDDL),
so that would mean disabling ext2 support. Any comments?

> Switch to 7.x based kernels also have one big advantage, there would be  
> available real-time signals. It would be possible to runtime detect this
> and select rt/non-rt implementation of linuxthreads in glibc dynamically.
> With the rt one "ext/threads/shared/t/stress" in perl testsuite passes ...

That's clearly something we need. BTW, do you know if the futexes
support in the FreeBSD 7.1 will be correct enough to use an NPTL glibc?

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