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[RFC] switch default kernel to 7.x based


GNU/kFreeBSD currently supports FreeBSD 7.0 and FreeBSD 6.3 kernels,
the primary one is 6.3.

The current upstream upcoming release schedule:

August 2008 	FreeBSD 7.1 and 6.4
February 2009 	FreeBSD 7.2
June 2009 	FreeBSD 8.0

I would like to switch primary kernel to 7.0 (or even to RELENG_7 branch).
It basically means update of freebsd-libs, freebsd-utils and namely kfreebsd-kernel-headers.

It should allow us to create "lenny snapshot" with kernel from FreeBSD 7.1.

Do you have any trouble with 7.0 kernel ?
Do you have any objections, comments ?


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