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kFreeBSD question


I have a question about kFeeBSD. As the website says, the latest
version of kFreeBSD is based on the FreeBSD 6.x kernel. My first
question is - once I install kFreeBSD would it possible for me to
download the sources for a more recent FreeBSD kernel (i.e. the 7.0
branch) and compile it, so that I can have my custom kFreeBSD based on
FreeBSD 7.0?
Second question - I was trying to find a binary package for MySQL
server in the apt-get repositories provided on the website but
couldn't find one. I was able to find PostgreSQL server versions 7.4
and 8.0 but there was nothing for MySQL DB server. Is there currently
a binary MySQL server package for kFreeBSD?
You help is greatly appreciated.

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