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Re: libproc bug? 2.4+ kernel w/o ELF notes?

Sven Mueller a écrit :
> (top posting since I simply want the information below to be included
> for reference while reporting my new findings).
> Thanks to io.debian.net, I was able to determine that this error message
> is reported by /lib/libproc-3.2.7.so, but I'm not sure why or how the
> respective maintainer (either the procps maintainer or we cyrus-imapd
> maintainers) should fix that.

Yep I confirm this is a bug in libproc. It was fixed some times ago by
reading the kernel version from /proc/version (which was present at that
time only on linux), and considering a 2.0.0 kernel if it does not exists.

With the kernels 6.x, the linuxolator has been improved, so
/proc/version now exists and hold a version 2.4.

I think the patch has to be refined, I will try to have a closer look.
Anyway the message is actually harmless.

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