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Re: Building custom apps vs deb packages ...

I built cyrus-sasl from source code, since I need SQLite support, but not
mysql/pgsql ... so, I try 'apt-get install postfix', since I figure that
mysql/pgsql won't hurt there, and I don't need any other features that really
require me to build it custom ... but, apt-get comes back with:

Given Aurelien just rebuilded and uploaded postfix_2.3.7-3+kbsd,
please do "apt-get update" against ftp.gnuab.org now.
Previously have been postfix_2.2.8-9+kbsd uninstallable.

In fact, you have now two options.

a) Use .deb for all packages, including cyrus-sasl.
Just try again
"apt-get install libsasl2-modules-sql postfix".
It should work now.

b) still use own cyrus-sasl 2.3

I do not know whether libsasl2 from 2.3 is ABI compatible with 2.2.
If it is ABI compatible, it would be sufficient to just create .deb from cyrus-sasl 2.3 or use "equivs" package to satisfy dependencies.

If it is ABI incompatible, but API compatible, you have
to rebuild postfix against your version of libsasl2 in any case.


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