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Need some pointers / direction on building applications ...

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I've gotten too used to FreeBSD ports ... when I want to install cyrus-imapd, I 
cd to /usr/ports/mail/cyrus-imapd22, and type 'make install', it gives me a 
menu list of what options I can turn on/off and away it goes ...

Using Debian, and apt-get, I seem to be restricted to what the package 
maintainer decided to build in (or not build in) ... I've found the 'build 
logs', so I know what has been enabled/disabled ... for instance, I don't want 
murder, but do want listext ... and I'd prefer 2.3.8 vs 2.2 ...

When I try and configure/build 2.3.8, I get the following:

setproctitle.c: In function 'setproctitle':
setproctitle.c:250: warning: implicit declaration of function 'VADDR'
setproctitle.c:250: error: 'PTDPTDI' undeclared (first use in this function)
setproctitle.c:250: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
setproctitle.c:250: error: for each function it appears in.)
setproctitle.c:250: error: invalid type argument of '->'
setproctitle.c:251: error: invalid type argument of '->'
make[1]: *** [setproctitle.o] Error 1

I'll need to figure that one out ... not a huge issue ... but, I figured just 
to get me going, I'd try to download the source / patch for cyrus 2.2 that I 
found on the Debian Packages pages ..

But, how do you apply the diff?  All it looks like is it creates a 'debian' 
directory, but none of the files in the debian directory seem to pertain to the 
actual distribution, and configure isn't getting modified in any way, so I've 
obviously missed something with that route ... ?

Thanks ...

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