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Re: Re: installing gnome [FIXED]


Now I wonder how to configure my wlan... in linux I would install
ipw2200 and download the intel firmare (it's a centrino) per hand...

Or should I go the freeBSD way? I mean iwi?

You can try "insmod if_iwi", as there is /lib/modules/6.1-1-686/if_iwi.ko

Another important point... how to figure out which modules can I need?
And for the ethernet card I just chose _all_ to be sure I have
connection... but I guess this is not the elegant way...

For ethernet card you can try to deselect all as many ethernet cards are builtin. Or check name(s) of current interface(s) by "ifconfig -a"
and leave only appropriate if_xxx.

Is ACPI supported?

ls -l /lib/modules/6.1-1-686/*acpi*

Happy New Year to all.


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