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Re: beta?


On Thu, 28 Dec 2006, Vim Visual wrote:

I am looking forward to getting a stable release of debian-bsd. I have
read in the web page that there are still a couple of major bugs.
Which are these?

Missing installer, not in official debian.org archive, just unstable
archive (not etch/testing), "only" 80% packages ported.

For etch archive coverage, see also http://glibc-bsd.alioth.debian.org/NOTES

Now, I would like to go for the whole thing and install xorg etc etc
but... how worhty is it? I don't want to spend many hours on one thing
that's going to break often.

"apt-get update" and "apt-get install xserver-xorg x-window-system-core" should suffice.

One more question: What is the licence? Is it "GPL Nr X and ABOVE"
(that word proved to be important, as Linus removed it from its kernel
and now doesn't want to update the gpl version) or is it BSD?

Each package have own licence, for kernel see http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/k/kfreebsd-5/current/copyright

On Thu, 28 Dec 2006, Paolo Lulli wrote:

Hi, I subscribed to the list just some day ago and was wondering about the activity on the list. I've been a debian user for a long time, and now I'm using FreeBSD with great satisfaction. I have already my own recompiled kernel and so on... If there were something like a "bare working networked" system, I would be interested into contributing to the development, as I often find myself into scripting boring activities, writing quick & dirty C workarounds and the like... But, to do so, I need a usable system, a system that could be my own, everyday up and running. Could this be the case, or is it in an earlier state of development ?

I am able to use x-windows, networking, browse internet via konqueror or iceape (mozilla), burn CD, watch TV via xawtv, ...

I would say it is rather useable system.


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