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I am looking forward to getting a stable release of debian-bsd. I have
read in the web page that there are still a couple of major bugs.
Which are these?

On the other hand, I've had some troubles when installing it... I have
tried to install debian-bsd on my fujitsu siemens lifebook p7010.
After slicing I chose the option install from CD and the installer
found two CD devices (have only one) and it could not load the files.
Choosing one or the other did not solve anything. Then I got a
message: the GENERIC (guess kernel) could not be loaded and was
prompted the "press alt+F3". Still, I continued with the installation
and in the end everything seemed fine to me. Since I was not sure
about the driver for the ethernet card, I chose _all_ of them (ahem)
and got a debian-bsd system without X.

Now, I would like to go for the whole thing and install xorg etc etc
but... how worhty is it? I don't want to spend many hours on one thing
that's going to break often.

Just asking. Don't get offended. I really do look forward to seeing
debian-bsd in its final form.

One more question: What is the licence? Is it "GPL Nr X and ABOVE"
(that word proved to be important, as Linus removed it from its kernel
and now doesn't want to update the gpl version) or is it BSD?



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