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Re: kfreebsd future

Aurelien Jarno wrote:
Petr Salinger wrote:
Could be possible to upload xulrunner, kdebase and xorg-server
into unreleased ?

Done for xulrunner
In progress for xorg-server

The xorg-server.diff on alioth have been for 1.1.1-7,
for 1.1.1-9 is needed a different, just committed.

For kdebase, I have just discovered that g++ is totally broken on GNU/kFreeBSD, so I am unable to build it until I find the fix. When trying to build a C++ program, I get: /usr/lib/gcc/i486-kfreebsd-gnu/4.1.2/libstdc++.so: undefined reference to `_Unwind_GetIPInfo@GCC_4.2.0'

Actually the problem only appears if I add -L/usr/lib in the arguments list.

For me it still builds fine, with all gcc/g++ (namely libgcc1) from 4.1.1-15.

Does following c++ snippet work for you ?

extern "C" int _Unwind_GetIPInfo(void);
volatile void *a;

int main()
a = (void *) _Unwind_GetIPInfo;

Same problem, but again only with -L/usr/lib. I don't have the problem on another machine, so I am convince it is a problem with my local setup. The problem is that I use this machine to build and upload packages...

I found the problem. I had libgcc_s.so and libgcc_s.so.1 in /usr/lib. I don't know from where there come (not from a package), but removing them fixed the problem. I am building kdebase now. Also note that your patch for kdebase has been merged. The bug will be fixed in the next upload.

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