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installation kernel version

I've been interested in this project for some time. Recently I've
decided to run FreeBSD 6.0 on a spare PC to see how compatible it was
with my hardware. I've found that the 6.0 series of kernel works with
all of my hardware except for my intel 536ep winmodem.

FreeBSD isn't all that bad, compiling ports gets tiresome after a while
though and their native shell is quite brutal ;)

I tried the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD installer, however it uses an older
kernel (5.x series) which does not support the onboard RAID on my PC.
Are there any plans to create a new installer that uses the 6.0 kernel?
Can the stock kFreeBSD kernel be upgraded after the installation process?

Also, has their been any work on porting the nvidia graphics driver to
the project?



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