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Re: Naming questions, to the BSD list only

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Baker <fenton@debian.org> writes:
    Joel> No, it's debian-legal's to decide. To date, they have
    Joel> considered some form of renaming to be the only feasible
    Joel> option.
    >> I mean, of course, the lack of choices in your proposed balot.

    Joel> Then you're fundamentally wrong. The choice of what to put
    Joel> on the ballot, being a straw poll, is *entirely* up to
    Joel> me. If you don't like the choices, you are, as I said (and
    Joel> you chose not to quote) welcome to run a separate poll on
    Joel> the question of whether it should be changed at all.

  I thought you were genuinely interested in solving this "issue".
Isn't it in the interest of the members of the list to take part in
ONE ballot, having ALL sensible suggestions to choose?  Frankly, your
refusal to include the option suggested by me looks dangerously close
to an attempt to influence the decision, by proposing courses of
action in concent with your own preferences.


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