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Re: Naming questions, to the BSD list only

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Baker <fenton@debian.org> writes:

Joel> We have been asked, by the folks who own the name, that we do
Joel> *something* to avoid using it in this context. Therefore, 'not
Joel> changing' (from the old usage) is not a viable option. It would
Joel> be extremely rude, and it could potentially force them to take
Joel> legal action or risk losing their trademark.

  a) owning the name is not a sufficient reason (even legally)

  b) the context of the usage of their trademark is unambiguous in
     that it does NOT denote the NetBSD operating system.

  c) whether it is a viable option is certainly not yours to decide;
     that's why I ask to include the option in the balot

  d) what is rude is the FUD spreading from their side

  e) I'd suggest (if possible) to avoiding decisions based on certain
     country's flawed legal system


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