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Re: PPP for GNU/FreeBSD (was: Re: apt repository)

On Thu, Jun 26, 2003 at 05:02:03PM -0400, Nathan Hawkins wrote:
> You might want to make sure there aren't any changes in FreeBSD cvs
> that haven't been merged upstream. I've run into problems in the past
> with FreeBSD not pushing diffs (or not making it in). (binutils and gcc
> come to mind readily...)

Ok, will note that.

> The dual libc configuration I'm playing with looks like it might make it
> quite easy to run both glibc and native libc together, and in that case
> native FreeBSD system utilities won't be a problem.

Yep. As you put it, maybe it's better to just use BSD libc for all of
FreeBSD's utilities unless there's a good reason to port a component
(and maintain it) for Glibc.

I can think of programs that have trouble sharing /etc or those which
need to be usable on other Glibc-based systems (like ufsutils) as example
of good reasons to port a given utility.

> Which FreeBSD's ppp? There are two, both kernel-mode and user-mode ppp
> exist. pppd should probably be the debian package, patched as needed.
> But I see no reason not to support both, if both work.

Sure, we should have debian's default pppd. Asides from that, I don't see
any problem with supporting FreeBSD's ppp implementations too (as long
as they work with cross-libc)

Robert Millan

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