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Re: glibc vs BSD libc

Momchil Velikov <velco@fadata.bg> schrieb am 20.01.03 15:20:56:
> >>>>> "Atifa" == Atifa Kheel <atifa_kheel@yahoo.com> writes:
>     Atifa> e)Other Streams(like string streams,Obstack streams,etc)
>     Atifa> glibc: Supported
>     Atifa> BSD libc: Not Supported.

Why is it important for debian BSD to sum up the differences in BSD libc and glibc?
What I have learned from this thread (and from porting apps from linux to NetBSD and Solaris):

- there are differences between the libcs of these systems.
- sometimes they hurt during ports, most of the time, they don´t hurt
- the dominance of glibc-based linux has forced IBM and SUN to supply linux programming
  interfaces. This might happen in the BSD world in the future.
- for the debian/BSD project on the sparc it seems to be better to stick to BSD libc
  (we keep in track with alpha and intel ports)

So, coming back to the main topic: how did the NetBSD/intel people overcome these difficulties
caused by bsd libc/glibc?



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