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Re: glibc vs BSD libc

On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 05:05:38AM -0800, Atifa Kheel wrote:

Some other comments:

> glibc support for standards:
> POSIX (Pthreads support)
> (Eg:
> Malloc tunable parameter(mallopt)
> Extensions :
> Statistics for storage allocation with malloc(mallinfo)
> _tolower() and _toupper() supported.

If it's an 'extension', then it's not 'standard' and not worth using
as a point of comparison.  Basically, most of the things you list as
"not supported" by BSD are better stated as being GNU-specific
extensions that are non-standard and therefore incompatible with the
rest of the world.

> 19.
> Extended Characters
> glibc: Supported
> BSD libc: No multi-byte character set functions.Breaks building UTF(Unicode) support in libncurses.

wide character support is present in 5.0.


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