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Re: glibc vs BSD libc

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Ritzert <michael.ritzert@web.de> writes:

    Michael> Why is it important for debian BSD to sum up the
    Michael> differences in BSD libc and glibc?

Maybe to justify choosing one or another ?

    Michael> - the dominance of glibc-based linux has forced IBM and
    Michael> SUN to supply linux programming interfaces. This might
    Michael> happen in the BSD world in the future.

What's the  significance of this ?

    Michael> - for the debian/BSD project on the sparc it seems to be
    Michael> better to stick to BSD libc (we keep in track with alpha
    Michael> and intel ports)

How come ?

    Michael> So, coming back to the main topic: how did the
    Michael> NetBSD/intel people overcome these difficulties caused by
    Michael> bsd libc/glibc?

Why would NetBSD/intel people care at all about glibc ? What
difficulties they have ?


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