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Re: Hello


Dan Walrond <djw@compsoc.dur.ac.uk> schrieb am 10.01.03 00:02:10:

> Obviously the kernel. I and think there's something else like glibc.

Why glibc? Wouldn´t that make debian netbsd incompatible to the netbsd mainstream?
IMHO, the core libraries should remain identical. I'm aware that this will probably make porting of some of the debian utilities more difficult.

Actually, there are two alternatives approaches to such a port:

1) implant a BSD kernel in a debian system
2) take a BSD base system (a small but fully functional CLI oriented unix with netbsd specific
    admin structure (startup files, location of config data), implant the debian packaging system 
    and add all the rest as .deb packages

1) will lead to something like a "linux with BSD kernel" 
2) might evolve to something more acceptable to the BSD mainstream 

What do we want to have? At present, i am tending more toward 2)  (reason: broader audience)
but i am convincable of alternatives.

> Hopefully someone will be able to deny or comfirm that, as I can't
> remember off hand.
> > Will, for
> > example, NetBSD-debian simply be a NetBSD bootdisk (i.e., an
> > absolutely minimal BSD system) + debian package system + netbsd
> > software in debian packages? Or is a larger base system
> > necessary/desirable?
> Interesting... Personally the full Debian userland would be nice. Maybe
> including the NetBSD version of some tools would be a good idea.

Well, aren't they already part of linux, especially ash?

> > Is there any concept of this? Are the two
> > existing ports identical in this respect or do they differ?
> That's something I can't answer. Hopefully someone on the list can.
> > Which
> > versions of NetBSD and Debian sources do we base on?  I have a cdrom
> > image of NetBSD 1.5.2 an a full Debian 3.0/intel including sources.
> > Would this be an appropraite basis to start with?
> I have NetBSD 1.6 which I downloaded last week. Debian 3.0 seems a
> sensable start.

For a good start we should simply define an initial version and freeze that until the 1st release.

> Is it a problem if we build software on different OSes for cross
> compiling? Might actually be easier to cross compile. I would probably
> install linux on one for the other disks.

I agree. 


> Dan
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