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re: Hello

   > Well, IMHO the first thing to know is about the concepts of the other port.s.
   Indeed. It's probably best we fall in line with the other *BSD port,
   especially the NetBSD ports on ia32 and alpha.

i strongly suggest following the ia32 port's lead.
   > Which parts of NetBSD are needed and which parts of debian?
   Obviously the kernel. I and think there's something else like glibc.
   Hopefully someone will be able to deny or comfirm that, as I can't
   remember off hand.

you want the kernel, libc, and various other utilties that are tied to
these - the ia32 people know exactly what.
   > Which
   > versions of NetBSD and Debian sources do we base on?  I have a cdrom
   > image of NetBSD 1.5.2 an a full Debian 3.0/intel including sources.
   > Would this be an appropraite basis to start with?
   I have NetBSD 1.6 which I downloaded last week. Debian 3.0 seems a
   sensable start.

yup; netbsd 1.5* is getting pretty old now....
   > b) Software: in which host environmentwill You build the port? NetBSD,
   > Linux, Solaris (Intel/Sparc/whatever -- setting up gcc as a cross
   > compiler is a bit laborious but not difficult)
   So far I have installed NetBSD 1.6 onto the sparc, downloaded the dpkg
   source from CVS. I need to sort out perl as I don't appear to have
   dumper.pm installed. So I haven't even created the configuration file
   yet.  I would like to install it from the NetBSD packages but I haven't
   spent time working that out properly. I've ran 'sup' but that's about
   it. apt is so nice ;)
   > BTW: my testing system would be a sparcstation 2; i would like to
   > build things on my Ultra1/Solaris box
   Is it a problem if we build software on different OSes for cross
   compiling? Might actually be easier to cross compile. I would probably
   install linux on one for the other disks.

you will be able to easily cross compile netbsd itself, but everything
else is rather difficult to cross compile (ie, all the debian things.)


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