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Re: Hello

> So far I have installed NetBSD 1.6 onto the sparc, downloaded the dpkg
> source from CVS. I need to sort out perl as I don't appear to have
> dumper.pm installed. So I haven't even created the configuration file

Dumper.pm comes with NetBSD's perl package (like with perl-5.6.1nb7 it is 
at /usr/pkg/lib/perl5/5.6.1/i386-netbsd/Data/Dumper.pm.

> yet.  I would like to install it from the NetBSD packages but I haven't
> spent time working that out properly. I've ran 'sup' but that's about
> it. apt is so nice ;)

I agree. apt does make it easy.

I am also working on an easy-to-update system using NetBSD packages too.
Basically, all that is needed is a retrievable packages list that contains
the dependencies of all available packages via a download site. Then a
wrapper around pkg_add to use it -- so it will behave like up2date or

  Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. I am helping make a Linux distro using NetBSD pkgsrc. We have over 20
new pkgsrc packages, like Linux kernel, pppd, modutils, shadow, man-db,
vixie-cron, et cetera. If anyone wants to help, let me know.

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