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Re: NetBSD: user pages available

> Your webpage says "Note that for now, it looks like you can't have two
> NetBSD partitions on the same drive on i386."
> This is unclear.
> I use NetBSD i386 with multiple fdisk partitions on same disk (although
> I only boot from one).
> [...]

The concrete problem i had, related to my supposition, was that i could
not manage to install Debian/NetBSD with the install disks on 2 distinct
NETBSD BIOS partitions on the same drive. After a superficial
investigation, it looked like this could not be possible with the NetBSD
version on which the install disks are based.

However, my knowledge of NetBSD is not deep enough to ensure
absolutely that this is the right explanation to my difficulties. If
anyone managed to install Debian/NetBSD with the floppy images on 2
partitions located on the same HD, i am interested in any information
on how he could achieve this, and i will be happy to bring this correction
to my web pages.

In the meantime, i just can tell new users that they should expect
difficulties if they intend to use these floppies to have 2 NetBSD BIOS
partitions on the same HD.


Xavier de Labouret

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