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NetBSD: user pages available


i put online some web pages on Debian/NetBSD, in order to summarize my
experience of this platform as simple user until now. You can read them


Here is what i describe there:

1) how to install this OS with Matthews floppies (nothing new here for
NetBSD users, but i hope it can be useful for users with a Linux

2) a few bugs/problems i found by testing the Debian/NetBSD default
install, and the turnaround if possible. This may help new users to have a
more stable setup from the default one, and developpers to correct things
if that is possible or relevant.

I hope this helps; any suggestion is welcome.

Xavier de Labouret

PS: this work is based on a setup with an APT source to Matthews
repository; i intend to make a chroot setup to use and test Joel's
repository too.

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