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Re: util-linux on freebsd-i386

[Sorry for the delay]


On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 12:20:41AM -0500, Nathan Hawkins wrote:
> Guillem Jover wrote:
> >Ok, as the Hurd needs a considerable amount of changes to the upstream
> >src, and the upstream releases often (currently on 2.11x), I don't think
> >such changes will be integrated easily... so I think the right solution
> >is to speak with upstream directly and do such changes to the last
> >version. Then, once the package compiles fine on all arches, and a new
> >debian package is uploaded, send patches against the debian part.
> I don't change the upstream source much. Mostly I just need agetty to 
> use termios, and disable a bunch of things.

Ok, I've adapted my last patch and yours against 2.11x. It's not against
the debian version, because I'll be sending it directly to upstream this
weekend if all is working fine (I "fear" a new upstream release really

Please give it a try, I think it should compile almost all what can be
compiled under *BSD and Hurd. This include things the BSDs may not need
but if these can be made more portable, maybe in a "near" :> future can
be used... for example cfdisk (look if it's default devices are correct).
Also, as suggested by Robert Millan, mkswap could be renamed to
mkswap.linux on non-linux OSes.


> >We can work together with this if you want... what dou you think?
> Yes, I'd also like to get netbsd changes included as well.

Sure. The patch is not definitive, please comments and improvments.

> I think netbsd is probably identical to freebsd on this. Are there any 
> differences from what you need on the Hurd?

Not so much, the most important are the limit macros like MAX*, all those
resources should be dynamically allocated as the Hurd has no such hardcoded
limits. Then the normal missing headers, termios, and removing (ifdefing)


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