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Re: util-linux on freebsd-i386

Guillem Jover wrote:
I was going to install a Debian/FreeBSD to adapt my old util-linux port
to the Hurd again, and correct any issues found on the BSDs. It seems
you were faster :>

At present, I don't have freebsd-i386 in an installable state. After this patch, I got deboostrap working, so that may change before too much longer.

Ok, as the Hurd needs a considerable amount of changes to the upstream
src, and the upstream releases often (currently on 2.11x), I don't think
such changes will be integrated easily... so I think the right solution
is to speak with upstream directly and do such changes to the last
version. Then, once the package compiles fine on all arches, and a new
debian package is uploaded, send patches against the debian part.

I don't change the upstream source much. Mostly I just need agetty to use termios, and disable a bunch of things.

We can work together with this if you want... what dou you think?

Yes, I'd also like to get netbsd changes included as well.

PS: there are a lot of linux specific programs that are tagged !freebsd in
  your patch, you could invert the logic.

Yes, but I wrote the code to support that after I wrote the file.

I think netbsd is probably identical to freebsd on this. Are there any differences from what you need on the Hurd?


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