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Re: status quo and userlands

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 12:58:04AM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Joel Baker <lucifer@lightbearer.com> [2002.10.15.0003 +0200]:
> > I can provide a tarball of my working chroot as it stands, if you
> > want it; apt works, dpkg works, X works, and a number of userland
> > things are quite operable. Still working on what will be needed for
> > a proper base.tgz so we can debootstrap things (and thus use
> > pbuilder).
> Wow! You guys have done a lot since I last checked!!!

The various BSD ports had a long period of languishment, then a shorter
period of it again more recently when we lost some of the build servers for
a while.

> > So, to summarize... it is well beyond the "merely experimental", and
> > in a state where it can be used to compile most of what is needed
> > for itself, but it is not yet to the point where one can simply fire
> > off an install and walk away (or even sit there until the end, and
> > end up with a fully useable Debian system - yet).
> Well... I think you might win me as a user, and possibly many more.
> And that means accelerated development, I hope.

The more folks use it and test it, the more bugs we can shake out. I'm
all for this. And hey, if we're the only ones who ever use it, it'll be a
nearly-wasted port, and that's no good. :)
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