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Re: status quo and userlands

On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 11:54:16PM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> hi there,
> are there any plans on providing Debian NetBSD with the BSD userland?
> and wrt Debian GNU/NetBSD... is it ready to be deployed on servers, or
> is it still in a rather experimental phase?
> thanks,

The latest updates, at least as far as I know them:

Debian/NetBSD runs with NetBSD kernel, NetBSD libc, and *mostly* a Debian
userland. It is intended to run with an entirely Debian userland except for
pieces of it (such as ldd) that derive from the libc package.

At this time, I at least have no intent of bothering with the NetBSD
userland; basically everything in it is already available in one or another
Debian package. If I wanted NetBSD kernel, libc, and userland, all that
would be left would be a 'debianized' install area for various software
packages, which could more easily be done by compiling dpkg in native mode
and using it with chroot arguments.

Matthew Garrett currently has hacked up install disks working for the port,
while I'm still working in a chroot environment for the moment (trying to
get SysV init, shadow, and a few other things compiling cleanly out of the
box, plus create proper source packages for the kernel and libc , before I
convert the box entirely off of the NetBSD partition).

I can provide a tarball of my working chroot as it stands, if you want it;
apt works, dpkg works, X works, and a number of userland things are quite
operable. Still working on what will be needed for a proper base.tgz so we
can debootstrap things (and thus use pbuilder).

So, to summarize... it is well beyond the "merely experimental", and in a
state where it can be used to compile most of what is needed for itself,
but it is not yet to the point where one can simply fire off an install and
walk away (or even sit there until the end, and end up with a fully useable
Debian system - yet).
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