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Re: status quo and userlands

also sprach Joel Baker <lucifer@lightbearer.com> [2002.10.15.0003 +0200]:
> I can provide a tarball of my working chroot as it stands, if you
> want it; apt works, dpkg works, X works, and a number of userland
> things are quite operable. Still working on what will be needed for
> a proper base.tgz so we can debootstrap things (and thus use
> pbuilder).

Wow! You guys have done a lot since I last checked!!!

> So, to summarize... it is well beyond the "merely experimental", and
> in a state where it can be used to compile most of what is needed
> for itself, but it is not yet to the point where one can simply fire
> off an install and walk away (or even sit there until the end, and
> end up with a fully useable Debian system - yet).

Well... I think you might win me as a user, and possibly many more.
And that means accelerated development, I hope.

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