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re: freebsd-i386 status updated

   > * start-stop-daemon is broken. Now that libkvm is built, I can work from 
   > Stockholm's patches for OpenBSD.
   I've been thinking about this: using libkvm in start-stop-daemon will 
   ultimately make dpkg depend on specific kernel versions. (struct proc 
   changed at least once that I'm aware of within FreeBSD 4.x. I'm fairly 
   sure it's been changed in -CURRENT, as well.) That could be a real problem.

ummmmm what does start-stop-daemon need libkvm for?  oh, does it use
sysctl's to get the process list or something?  at least in netbsd
this will never fail due to kernel revs, we made these sysctls
forward & backwards compatible from about 2 years ago.  (i can even
run a 32-bit ps(1) on a 64 bit system under 32-bit emulation.)


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