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freebsd-i386 status updated

More updates:

Nathan Hawkins wrote:
Open issues:

* glibc port is incomplete. glibc changes are being merged into CVS, but I can't build a package yet. Threads support doesn't work yet.

Threads are working now, and glibc is working well except for DNS resolution. It should be packaged before too much longer.

* binutils builds but gas doesn't work. Need it for gcc 3.2.

Bruno got this working. Packaged now.

* gcc 3.2 - builds up to a point, and then seems to break while rebuilding itself. I have no idea why... :( (I have 3.1 and 3.0.4 working, though.)

Also working, and packaged now. Since it's now required for glibc, it'll probably be default compiler.

* start-stop-daemon is broken. Now that libkvm is built, I can work from Stockholm's patches for OpenBSD.

I've been thinking about this: using libkvm in start-stop-daemon will ultimately make dpkg depend on specific kernel versions. (struct proc changed at least once that I'm aware of within FreeBSD 4.x. I'm fairly sure it's been changed in -CURRENT, as well.) That could be a real problem.

I have X building nearly everything but the server. This helps a lot, since I can now build packages like tetex-bin and doxygen, that need xlibs-dev.


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