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Re: install system with pppoe (was Re: Starting with Debian/NetBSD)

]> I thought i could do it by escaping in /bin/sh, enabling pppoe by hand,
]> and downloading everything from the nearest ftp mirror. Sadly, the kernel
]> on the install disks is from the 1.5 series, and pppoe in-kernel was not
]> implemented at that time.
]It's actually CVS 1.6, but in any case...

Oops, i was mistaken by the version number shown on the menu. And uname
was not available :)

]> - if not, will there be new install disks with pppoe in-kernel enabled in
]> a short/middle term?
]I'll try to sort that out next week. I'm (still!) in the process of 
]moving, but I'll try to get my NetBSD box back up again and rebuild the 
]floppies with a new kernel. Do you need any extra userspace commands as 

Sorry for adding this on your tasklist, i believe it is already quite
At least i hope this will encourage others to try and test this

Practically, i need at least the commands to connect manually with pppoe:

- ifconfig (which is already here)
- pppoectl

(and, of course, a pppoe-enabled kernel :)

Thank you again,

Xavier de Labouret

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