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Re: install system with pppoe (was Re: Starting with Debian/NetBSD)

On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 03:49:15PM +0200, Xavier de Labouret wrote:
> > You should also look into the Debian/NetBSD install disks that were
> > posted a bit back (check the archives). They're probably the easiest way
> > to get a new system up and running, even minimally, unless you're
> > experienced with working in system chroots already.
> Thank you for this explanation.
> After reading this, i tried to install from the disks, but unfortunately i
> was stuck by thh combination of the following:
> - only network install,
> - i just have one PC with a DSL internet access.
> I thought i could do it by escaping in /bin/sh, enabling pppoe by hand,
> and downloading everything from the nearest ftp mirror. Sadly, the kernel
> on the install disks is from the 1.5 series, and pppoe in-kernel was not
> implemented at that time.
> So here are my questions, hope they wont bother!
> - is there a turnaround i did not think of (precision: buying a new PC is
> not a turnaround :) ? Maybe i should take a look at Bochs?
> - if not, will there be new install disks with pppoe in-kernel enabled in
> a short/middle term?

Well, 1.6 is just about to go final release (it's in "there shouldn't be
any major changes except to <x> and <y> prior to release, where <x> and <y>
are non-i386 arch stuff); I can't speak for others about when that might
get into a new set of install disks, but PPPOE is, IIRC, available in the
1.6 kernel, so could probably be turned on easily.

> thank you again,
> PS: i tried a few times #debian-bsd on openprojects, and there did not
> seem to be much activity on this channel. But maybe there is there another
> channel elsewhere i could knock at too when i am looking for help?
> Xavier de Labouret

It's very off and on. For BSD stuff, that's pretty much the place; for
general development questions you could try #debian-devel, but that's more
for package maintainers, et al.
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