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Re: [d-i] Yet Another bug with pre-sprintf malloc:ing

Michael Goetze wrote:
(Just recording what we said on IRC)
So far -bsd haven't even properly decided on what libc to use.  We
need to have a lot more working Debian/*BSD before we think about
writing an installer for *BSD.

Still, keeping the portability at maximum would be good.

(-bsd Cc-ed, so they can voice their opinions, if any.)

I don't know what needs to happen for any decision about Debian/*BSD to be
considered "proper", but the de facto status right now seems to be that it's
the BSD libc, since ports of the GNU libc are either experimental or

The FreeBSD port of glibc is working. Most Debian sources I've tried build and work perfectly. There are two basic issues:

1. Thread support isn't finished
2. Massive work needed on kernel headers


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