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Re: Glibc and NetBSD

* Michael Graff (explorer@flame.org) [020724 01:28]:
> IMHO, this is the wrong way to look at things.  If packages are so
> linux (and glibc is linux slanted, IMHO) they should be fixed to be
> more unix, not making the unix world more linux.

The debian packages would need work to build cleanly on the bsd
libc. Often helper programms like configure, automake and libtool
are not working as expected. It means a lot of work and time and
hard feelings (do never underestimate the social side!) to break
a lot of peoples packages and keep them working. Please consider
the entrence we make when beaking every package around and
demanding submission^Wcooperation from people.

on the other hand debian is known to try to be correct. if the
bsd libc fits the bill and there is a solid base, why not wrack
it all and start over again with bsd libc?

Please note that the debian openbsd system will use the native
system tools and libs for security reasons, for a (long) start. I
will however try to use the big packages like perl, apache, MTA
etc from debian, since they are not really audited in openbsd
anyway and the packages provided in debian are of higher quality
then i could hope to achive on my own. 

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