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Re: Autoconf build targets

Matthew Garrett wrote:

In porting stuff, I've found several cases where modifying the source to
build on Debian potentially breaks it on plain NetBSD. After talking to
Nathan about this, we came up with a couple of ideas:

1) Modify the kernel build so uname -v includes "Debian" - this is a
pretty trivial change. It does present problems if people build kernels on
their own - one option would be to make sure that the kernel build system
ensures that this is set.
I've already done this in freebsd-kernel package. It's patched automatically, so it should be included when I have the source package setup to so that users can build their own kernels.

2) config.guess currently produces i386-unknown-netbsdelf1.5. Under Linux,
this is i386-pc-linux-gnu. Adding i386-unknown-netbsdelf1.5-gnu (or
possibly even just i386-unknown-netbsd-gnu), determined by the different
uname output, would allow for Debian-specific alterations to be made which
could be included upstream without breaking anything else.
I strongly recommend dropping the version number. This solves the problem with needing wildcards in dpkg.

(Oh, and kudos to the NetBSD guys for producing a kernel which seems happy
to build with gcc 3.04 :) )

You're in better shape than me, if that's working. Rumor has it 5.0 will work with this, but CVS doesn't have it quite there yet. (Or didn't last time I tried.)


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